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Pirate mount by reach-designs Pirate mount by reach-designs
I told myself i didnt want to do anymore contest because i wont win anyway and spend allot of effort.
And I'd rather use this effort to improve.
But for this definitely had to make something new, and taking a chance. Because the prize is amazing and im still look for a good school!

So here's the description of the actual design:

There have been seagoing pirates throughout history - from plundering Vikings to 17th-century raiders who pillaged Spanish galleons to today, when a spate of attacks off the Horn of Africa has shown that piracy can still be highly profitable as well as dangerous.

In Somalia, a country of grinding poverty and internal chaos, the pirate economy has been booming in recent years. The piracy is an extension of the corrupt, violent free-for-all that has raged on land since the central government imploded in 1991. It has turned the waters into the most dangerous shipping lanes in the world, and now even more dangerous..

A pirate group in Africa have obtained some extraordinary alien technology by capturing a explorer ship. The scientist that have discovered them are now taken hostage and forced to apply the technology on the little resources the pirates have. This makes them unstoppable, now not only king of the sea, but also on land.

The rhino is obedient to whoever uses the controls that are placed into the armored cabin.This is possible by an insertion of a device in the brain of the rhino, placed above his eye.
if this device were to fail or be broken, the rhino goes berserk attacking everything in his sights.
The braces on the rhino's leg can produce a large amount of energy giving the mount a big jump boost. However it is commonly known by the pirates that this device is not very reliable and could explode when used.
The armored cabin is where the driver takes place, and can shoot at targets with both the cannon and the attached mounted gun.
The side of the rhino would be the place where the pirate would hang all his equipment, supply's and ammo.
reach-designs Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
You know it!
goldbrandonium Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Professional General Artist
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November 23, 2012
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